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FIN1 (CCGC) LTD is the Exclusively Appointed Reseller for all Purism's Librem Products to Enterprise Customers in the United Kingdom and Italy 

Secure Tech made in USA by Purism, SPC (Social Purpose Company)

Purism’s Librem Products Protect your Digital Life

  • Purism’s Librem Products are the only modern high-end devices where the customers are in full control and have complete visibility into the operating system, all bundled software, and the deeper levels of your computer.

  • Every Librem will come with a one-year hardware warranty and lifetime software updates with PureOS. All software updates are intended to make your hardware run better over time, not worse.

  • The partnership of FIN1 (CCGC) LTD and Purism, SPC, a reputable US Social Purpose Corporation, is based on the socially meaningful purpose of providing transparently Secure and Ethical Hardware & Software to Public and Private Entities.
  • We take pride in providing enterprise customers and their employees with Secure and Ethical Tech based on the fundamental principles of Security, Privacy, and Freedom. This is also contributing towards the enhancement of customers’ existing third-party risk management frameworks and maintenance of the highest possible levels of compliance with GDPR.

  • Through our partnership with Purism, SPC we aim to contribute to the change of the future of computing for the better.

  • Our business model is based on the principle that customers’ digital rights must not be stripped off in the name of profit maximization. We thus continuously strive to uphold the prioritization of social objectives.

FIN1 (CCGC) LTD has absolute trust in Purism’s Librem Products:

Customers' personal data will not be leaked

Customers' digital rights will not be exploited in the interests of profit maximization 

FIN1 (CCGC) LTD believes firmly in promoting and upholding the following five essential digital rights (being pivotal in the GDPR framework):

1. The right to change providers. At any point customers may wish (decentralization of services).

2. The right to protection of personal data. Customers – users must be able to own and control their master keys to encrypt their data and their communications (user control encryption).

3. The right to verification. Customers must be free to inspect – audit the source of the software they use for lawful purposes (software freedom).

4. The right to be “forgotten”. Service providers should be retaining and storing only minimal personal data necessary to provide the service. Once the data is no longer required, it should be automatically deleted (minimal data retention).

5. The right to access. Customers must not be discriminated against nor forced to agree to any terms and conditions before accessing a service (fairness, transparency, and personal freedom). 

In today’s fast paced digital world, it is increasingly tempting to give up control of data due to the convenience of downloading proprietary applications that may potentially exploit customers’ digital rights by forcing them to agree to legally binding Terms & Conditions of Service frequently neither read nor understood. FIN1 (CCGC) LTD believes that Secure Tech makes the difference in the challenge we all face when we must choose between convenience and control or inconvenience and freedom.

Purism’s Secure Tech offers to customers both convenience and freedom through dedicated and ongoing research and development

Purism’s Librem Products, PurismOS, and Purism Software are Secure and Ethical: Customers hold the Master Keys 

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